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List of Machine Types
Use the form below to select an existing machine type that you would like to access. Select its underlined abbreviation to view or edit information if you're authorized to do so.

Machine TypeDescription
(n/a)Used when in situations such as when a machine is not relevant to an audit finding.Review
AutobrazeType of machine that automatically brazes one component to another. HVAC manufacturers use these to braze return bends into heat exhanger coils. Coils are hung, looped with return bends having braze rings on them, and run through a furnace.Review
Braze FixtureReview
Braze StationReview
Digital Compressor AnalyzerReview
Drill PressAn essential tool for drilling precisely positioned holes or various diameters to exact depths.Review
DryerUsed to dry parts.Review
Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)One of the most accurate processes available for making both complex and simple shapes from ferrous alloys, EDM works by vaporizing metal in the path of an electrical arc between an electrode and the work piece.Review
ExpanderOften used in the manufacture of heat exchanger coils for the HVAC industry, expanders ream out metal tubes creating an interference fit with the fins though which they pass. Expanders may be horizontal or vertical.Review
Fin MillSpecifically designed to make fins for microchannel heat exchanger coils.Review
Fin PressA special type of sheet metal press that processes raw sheets of thin metal (generally aluminum) into fins. Fins are generally long, thin and full of equally spaced holes which later accept metal tubes bent into hairpins.Review
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)Plastic filament or metal wire is unwound from a coil and extruded through a heated nozzle which melts the material and can be turned on and off or moved in space as necessary to additively realize parts of complex geometry.Review
Hairpin BenderA special type of tube bender that takes coiled metal tubing (generally refrigeration-grade copper), uncoils it, straightens it, bends it 180deg., cuts it to length, then deposits finished hairpins in a receptical for the operator.Review
Lacing TableA table where condenser coil fins are layed out in sections before several hairpins are assembled into them.Review
Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)Uses layers of adhesive-coated paper, plastic, or metal successively glued together and cut to shape with a knife or laser.Review
LatheRotates a part against a tool whose position can be controled to form parts and/or features with a circular cross-section.Review
Leak DetectorThis category includes all sorts of leak detection devices including pressure decay, helium check, etc.Review
Louver LineA sheet metal line which punches holes and bends louvered openings then automatically handles and forms various bend geometries.Review
Milling MachineReview
Powder BoothReview
Radii BenderUsed to form a complex radius in a part. One application is the louver panel of a condenser unit which may have a large radius along the majority of the panel, then a tighter radius in the corner.Review
Refrigerant Charge BoardDevice that adds a prescribed amount of refrigerant to an assembly - generally a condenser or heat pump.Review
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)An additive process using where a laser fuses small particles of material into a shape generally represented by a 3D CAD model. Sintered materials include plastic, metal, ceramic, or glass.Review
Sheet Metal PressReview
Stereolithography (STL)A process where parts of infinitely complex geometry are additively formed one layer at a time as a UV laser cures a liquid photopolymer. Laser motion is driven by a computer-generated, 3D model of the part.Review
Third-Party VendingMCHX Break Room Vending MachineReview
Torque WrenchReview
Tube BenderReview
Tube CutterReview
Tube PunchReview
Vacuum pumpReview
Wash StationReview
Wire CrimperReview
Wire DieReview